How A Chiropractor Helps With Lack Of Sleep And Respiratory Problems

A top-rated Houston chiropractor would help you with the extreme situation an individual may acquire when experiencing chronic pain. One of those extreme situations is the patient’s drastic lack of sleep. 


Every one of us knows there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep for feeling refreshed and alert in the morning. But, on the other hand, not getting the seven or eight hours of sleep you need may leave you feeling grumpy and tired all day.


When you are experiencing chronic pain, it is evident that you would encounter a lack of sleep because having chronic pain is a very uncomfortable sensation to feel. 


Sleep is a fundamental biological function in human beings and is as essential as having a balanced and proper diet for a good quality of life. However, it still requires much awareness about the effects and adversities in different clinical conditions in both patients and treating physicians. 


Sleep disorder alters the nature of sleep, which changes the breathing pattern, ventilation, and gas exchange. This may result in amplification of the underlying conditions and hence increase the burden of the disease.


Did you know that lack of sleep can also give you breathing problems? Oh yes, it does! Some of the diseases are familiar to the clinician, such as sleep apnea, resulting in arousal from sleep that improves airway patency but results in daytime sleepiness. 

Some of the respiratory diseases may cause breathing failure without any obvious obstruction. 


It is important to realize that recovery from upper airway events in obstructive sleep apnea does not always require arousal.

The measure of sleep that an individual needs to be laid entirely depends on quite a few elements from age to occupation. 


Therefore, with regards to sorting out what measure of rest is ideal for you, it tends to be difficult to tell what to accept. Of course, assuming you’re ready to rest for 7 hours per night because of work, family, or different responsibilities, however, it doesn’t feel adequate. Is a small sleep dept alright? 


There are genuine outcomes (bad ones) to passing up significant time for sleep. Your psychological and physical state can be impacted because of lack of sleep. In our current reality, where innovation runs most lives, the inquiry “is a little sleep debt alright?” can’t be replied to without seeing what you’re genuinely surrendering. 


Being sleepless isn’t just an instance of some tiredness, surliness, or headaches. Beneath, you can see precisely what occurs in your physical and psychological well-being, the point at which you experience the ill effects of lack of sleep.



Lack of sleep caused by chronic pain can be the key to having terrible illnesses. When you are sleep sufficient, your immune system will eventually be punished, making it weak. And because it is weak, you are more prone to the more severe types of illnesses.


Sleep sufficiency also has an additive effect; the adverse effects of sleeplessness get worse every time you rest poorly. Over time, this will increase your risk for many serious medical conditions. 


These problems can include stroke, seizures, heart attack, high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, diabetes, depression, and anxiety. A lack of sleep can also affect your performance at work or school, memory, judgment, and sex drive. 


Sleep sufficiency is a stepping stone to a whole host of health issues, including daytime fatigue, irritability, difficulty focusing, delayed reaction time, and memory problems. In addition, lack of sleep prevents the patient from thinking and responding quickly and also clearly. 


This psychological delay can be a severe danger to you, especially when you are in situations like driving a car or on the job, for example. Of course, living life well is difficult if you constantly feel fatigued and unrested.  


Seem like all of these things can make anyone worry, right? But that is why a top-rated Houston chiropractor is there to help you out if you are experiencing chronic pain that unquestionably, would lead to sleep sufficiency accompanied by other problems. 


Thankfully, Peak Potential Family Chiropractic – Houston Heights is equipped with the best facility and professional chiropractors to give you the best quality of service that would surpass your chiropractic expectations. So call us today to make an appointment!


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